How To Shop With Us


First things first... we are a B2B Wholesale Supplier you will require a log in to be able to view our products and pricing. 


Buyers please click here and you can sign up for an account today, the office will have to verify the account before approving access to our store.


Retail customer looking to make a purchase? - Please call us on +44(0)121 7254777 and we will direct you to your nearest stockist or online retailer.


Here at Vivid Squid Wholesale we understand that each of our customers needs are different, the way they shop varies massively and ultimately depends on their buying habits and the time they have available to browse our selection of products.


To help conquer this we have created a multiple of different ways that you can go about your shopping experience with us. From shopping piece by piece to kits, stands, packs and more.


Below you can find an overview of our different "Styles" of buyers and how they shop from us. 


Here at Vivid Squid Wholesale our range is forever growing, there are additions almost every day!


With such a vast product range, 'The Browser' is that buyer who has the time to sit down and digest our ranges and make their own selections from our range whether the order is big or small.


All of our products are available to purchase individually so that customers can mix and match if they wish, however as most of our items are sold in small pack sizes.


When logged into our store, use the top navigation to browse ranges and collections at your own speed. 


When shopping you will often find pictures similar to those shown here of an assortment of products.


The border colour of the image represents a style of display stand side panel, so if you were to order "Christmas" on the right it would provide you enough stock to fill a "Blue Side" of our floor spinner stand. More information about Display Stand Details can be found here.


Not every customer would like a stand and they might be even short of time. These packs can be ordered on their own so that if you would like Christmas Plaques assorted you could order this and receive just the products with no stand. A great place to shop like this is the Quick Product Packs section which you can access here. 


What do I get inside one of these packs?

Our product code "PACK_EXMAS2_PURPLE" shown as an assortment on the right titled "Christmas Homes". When you view this product the description or title will read "Christmas Houses 185x160 12 Style Asrt x8".


When ordered you will receive 12 styles of Christmas House Plaques, 8pcs of each.


We've got you covered.


No matter how big or small the order, client, or customer we are here to help, our design team are on hand to bring your ideas and creations to life. There're lots of different ways that you can go about custom products for example.


Please click here to view our custom order page.