About Us


The Brand... The Squid... Why?

It's not the first time we've been asked about how we came up with the name Vivid Squid Wholesale however there is reason behind it. We needed a word to carry our new product range forward. Vivid - Bright, Dynamic, Striking, Clear are just a few of the synonyms we hope to portray through our products & company. 


We're animal lovers here. 'Cephalopod Ink' is released into water by most species of cephalopods as an escape mechanism. To us this resembles breaking free of our Global Designs shackles alongside our new printing and ink application on products.


We have the facilities to print an enormous variety of designs on multiple materials in a range of shapes and sizes. As well as personalised features from text to pictures. These are all things that we hope to develop over time in our expanding collection.


We intend to support as many up-and-coming independent artists & designers as possible, bringing their works to life on our products. These creators get paid a royalty on every piece sold.

Therefore, we felt it was time for a company rebrand.


We welcome you to discover Vivid Squid Wholesale."

Jonny Kingston - Director of Vivid Squid Wholesale