Custom Designs



If you wish to add your own location-based branding on our existing designs, it's possible!


Here's an example on the left


This plaque started out life as our standard stock design with "Home Is Where We Park It". A customer from Newquay in Cornwall has asked for the text to be moved. Then adding in "Newquay" with a Cornish flag in the shape of a heart.


This is quick for our designers to do and is unlikely to incur any artwork charges, there may be a minimum order quantity on the line.


When these products are created you will find them in a set category so that they can be ordered again with no fuss.


Two options here, ready to go artwork and design idea supplied.


For example, on the right we have a design idea supplied where we are replicating from a picture to create the artwork. As you can imagine there's a grey area regarding this in terms of the time taken to produce the artwork based on its complexity.


Do you have images or designs you would like to put onto our products, this really is simple. Speak to us, send them in and we will get specifications back to you for signing off and we can go to print with your design.


Are you a designer eager to get your products out into the marketplace?


Speak to us regarding our commission opportunities where we place your artwork onto our products and supply them through our Multi Channel Distribution Network.


For each piece that is sold you'll earn a royalty on those goods.


Have you got an idea or design that we don't stock anything similar too?


Talk to us today and find out what we can do for you. 


On the left you can see a concept that was done including Poppies and Spitfires for a client in 2020.


Our designers LOVE custom designing for clients!  


"I mean come on... this morning I'm drawing Bumble Bee's and Flowers. Then next minute I'm tasked with drawing a Spitfire from World War II. What's not to love!?"


We may stock a range of poppy products as shown in the picture however you're purchasing for a Lavender Farm Gift Shop and really like the designs but would want the poppies swapped over the lavender. We have no problems doing this, whether there is an art working charge will depend on order value v saleable value to our other clients.


Have you fallen in love with our product range but desperate to see it translated into your own language?


English is our native twang and with your help we can create your translated products.


This is super simple to do:


- Grab the product codes of the items you would like to translate or alternatively add the items to your basket and place an order for the quantities you would like when translated. 

- Send us an email with the product code and text that the item needs to be translated into. 

- These will then get processed and you will receive design specifications to sign off prior to printing.


It's that easy!


Depending on the order value there may be a small artworking charge, we're super reasonable when it comes to this.


With all of the above there is a cost involved for our business which we must factor in, all of the custom design options ultimately come down to some key points:


The total amount of goods ordered per line and the overall order value.

Timescale that the products are required in.

Whether the custom product design have a sales value to our wider clientele.

The complexity of the designs that are required.



What does each piece cost for custom design?

We don't charge more per piece for custom design unless the client would like any art working fees built into the line price.

If you find a comparable item on our website, this is the price you will pay if it is a custom design.


Are there any minimum quantities?

Our standard products are sold in packs, for example a 185*120mm Plaque is currently sold in a pack of 5.

It comes down to the amount of order lines you are looking for. If you were to only have one custom design, we might asked for 40pcs of a standard 185*120mm plaque which is usually sold in 5pcs. However, if you had 10 designs on a larger order the 40pcs per line could be reduced as the order value begins to balance out the costs.


It is however effective for us to be printing goods to a full bed, so we may adjust quantities slightly per line to make them fit our machines.


What about pricing breaks?

Sure, if you're looking for higher quantities we can work with you on price.